Myanmar’s military had imported horses from India for the parade, only to see the wagon train attacked by local militants

2022-04-25 0 By

A roadside bomb was used to attack a military convoy carrying horses imported from India for the 75th Confederation Day parade organized by the National Administration Commission on February 4, killing an estimated 15 army soldiers, according to the Sagaing Regional People’s Defence Force coalition.Min for 1 said the town of the people’s guard, the transport and horses military convoys, about 100 or so, on February 4, around 11 o ‘clock in the morning, when the military convoy reached qiang wuzhen jurisdiction, identified the 30 car as vanguard escorting team, when the car drove to 30 after the ladder between salt and jose tile village, we use the 2 serial roadside bomb attacks.We hit the two vehicles in front of us, which were carrying a number of military soldiers, estimated to have killed 15 people, and when the vehicles in front of them were hit, the soldiers in the military vehicles behind them, attacked indiscriminately and fired RPGS, but we got out safely without casualties.It is reported that the attack was conducted by the People Defence Force Myinmu-MMUPDF, Black Eagle Defence Force-MMU, Minwu Thunder team, Myinmu Mu Defence Force,CDSOM of Miaozhen People’s Defense Army was jointly initiated.The attack ended and the final word came out that the convoy had continued its journey despite being attacked and had passed through Sagaing city and entered mandalay territory that night.