Gansu’s first China-Europe freight train leaves for Georgia on the start of Spring in the Year of the Tiger

2022-04-25 0 By

New Gansu client Wuwei February 4 – (new Gansu gansu Daily reporter Jin Fenggan) the opening day of the Winter Olympics, when the beginning of spring.At about 10:40 a.m. this morning, China-Europe freight train No. 75012/1 “Tianma” slowly pulled out of Wuwei South Railway Station for Tbilisi, Georgia.This is the second freight train after the opening of the new trans-Caspian freight train from Wuwei south to Tbilisi. It is also the first China-Europe freight train to be delivered from Gansu in the Year of the Tiger.The train carried 60 containers, mainly carrying epidemic prevention supplies, construction machinery, industrial supplies, auto parts and household appliances, with a total weight of 855.06 tons and a value of 22.381 million yuan.After “one customs declaration, one inspection and one release” in Wuwei Bonded Logistics Center, all the goods will be transported by road to Wuwei South Railway station for shipment, then leave the country from Horgos, cross the Caspian Sea through Aktao port of Kazakhstan, and be re-loaded by railway to Baku port of Azerbaijan, the whole journey of about 7,300 kilometers.In recent years, the international land port wuwei in gansu province to seize all the way “area” and western Lu Haixin channel construction opportunity, making full use of the advantages of wuwei west open international logistics nodes and the central European trains as important engine of the development of export-oriented economy and gripper, has formed with bonded logistics center, import timber specified site supervision, and imported meat specified regulation field based on the platform architecture,China has opened a number of international freight train routes, including the China-Europe, Central Asia, China-Russia and western Land and sea routes, improving its international trade and logistics systems along international routes.In 2021, eight export trains and two import trains will be shipped, with a total cargo volume of 7,455 tons and a total cargo value of 240 million yuan, covering duisburg and Hamburg in Germany, London in the UK, Tbilisi in Georgia and other important cities along the belt and Road.”In January this year, the China-Europe Freight train tianma completed the shipment of five international freight trains, including one to Wuweinan and Duisburg, Germany, and four to Central Asia for the return journey of feed and grain.”Wuwei bonded logistics center chairman hong-ming fang said, “no,” continued robust, normalized operation, for the high quality development of export-oriented economy in gansu province have set up a golden bridge international connectivity logistics channels and industry, will effectively promote China’s international on a land port built, wuwei, gansu province to build and win-win concept of development, the construction of binary circulation hub port.