Yuhua district: better start the first lesson, build a strong safety wall after the section

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In order to effectively do a good job in production safety and ensure that the safety work of the whole district has a good bureau and a good step, the streets and towns of Yuhua District of Changsha city have carried out safety prevention work for the resumption of work and production after the holiday, effectively eliminating safety hazards and preventing all kinds of accidents.Li Tuo street after the first day of the start of the festival, Li Tuo street organized the whole street after the Spring Festival festival to resume work during the resumption of production safety work meeting, on the resumption of work during the work of leaders, hidden trouble investigation, household publicity and other key requirements.The streets of the area of the gas station during the resumption of work and production safety inspection, urge the person in charge of the gas station in the full work immediately after the launch of the “start to speak safety first lesson” activities.Dongjing Street carries out work resumption and safety inspection for units under its jurisdiction, urges units under its jurisdiction to fulfill their responsibilities, ensure the implementation of “five measures” for work resumption and production resumption, and reminds units under its jurisdiction and store operators to pay attention to the safety of heating, electricity, gas and fire in winter.Continuously carry out safety propaganda, remind residents to implement the safety of heating, fire, electricity and gas, prevent fire accidents and prevent carbon monoxide poisoning incidents, to ensure safety.Juma Town held a meeting on the deployment of key work of work safety in Juma Town, emphasizing the deployment of current key work such as the resumption of work safety, “Knock on door action” and the prevention of low-temperature rain and snow weather.The safety specialist of Juma Town carried out daily safety inspection and hidden trouble investigation for the resumption of work and production stores in the area under its administration, and brought the knowledge of fire prevention, electricity prevention and carbon monoxide poisoning to the masses through the form of “Xiaoshuba” publicity and store publicity.At the same time, mobilize various forces, free of charge for the elderly and poor people to install alarms, and make contributions to the safety of people’s lives.Dongshan Street dongshan Street held a special meeting on work safety, and made special arrangements for the resumption of work and production after the Spring Festival holiday and the launching of the “First lesson on safety” activity by production and business units.Street working committee secretary Zhou Shaomin points out, ready to return to work after enterprises and production safety work responsibility, all departments at all levels to enhance understanding, attaches great importance to and fully understand “to start the first lesson about safety” activities significance, supervise the production and business operation entity to carry out the safety production training main body responsibility, improve the ability to accident prevention and emergency disposal;To refine measures, implement responsibilities, in accordance with the principle of “three tube and three must”, party and government leaders personally lead the team, organize forces to sink production and operation units to send safety, training, warmth, elaborate plans, planning activities, so that “the first lesson on safety” activities cover all personnel of production and operation units;To strengthen guidance, on-the-spot supervision, street security commission office joint discipline inspection department, earnestly strengthen the “start of the first lesson about safety” activity supervision and inspection, create a strong activity atmosphere, effectively prevent and curb the occurrence of all kinds of accidents.On February 8, all party and government leaders and cadres in Jingwanzi subdistrict sank to 15 communities to carry out “knock on the door action” for enterprises to “worship Chinese New Year, send safety” and promote fire safety of carbon monoxide poisoning, and carry out on-site supervision on resumption of work and production of key enterprises and units.Enterprises are required to learn “the first lesson on safety” activities, strictly do “five one”.At the same time, the street continued to carry out online publicity in residential gardens and public squares by means of wechat group, “cloud broadcasting”, property speakers, electronic display screens and other means for key units and communities under the district, and issued more than 1000 copies of publicity materials such as warning leaflets of “carbon monoxide poisoning” offline, so as to guard the propaganda position of post-holiday resumption of work and production.Source: Rednet