What to watch in winter Olympics today: Ren Ziwei in 1500 meters, Zhao Jiwen in Nordic combined

2022-04-24 0 By

Six gold MEDALS will be awarded in six sports at the Beijing Winter Olympics on Feb 9. The other five gold MEDALS will come from snow events, except for the men’s 1,500m short track speed skating.After winning the men’s 1,000-meter short track speed skating race, South Korean athlete Lim Ji-wei will compete in the men’s 1,500-meter final at 21:20 p.m. on Friday.In addition, sun Long, a short-track speed skater from Jilin Province, will also participate in the event. He has a good performance in the World Cup and is expected to join Hands with Ren Ziwei to advance to the final.The women’s 1,000m qualification and 3,000m relay semifinals will also be held in the short track speed skating stadium. The performance of the Chinese women’s short track speed skating team, including Han Yutong and Zhang Chutong from Jilin Province, is expected to be exciting.Curling arena, men’s competition will also open the curtain, China’s first game to meet the European powerhouse Sweden.In the snow field will determine the gold medal of the games are: freestyle skiing men’s big jump platform, for China is he Jinbo;China sent Zhao Jiwen, who was the last torchbearer of the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games;Women’s snowboard obstacle chase, China’s yongqing Ram will compete;Alpine skiing women’s slalom, Chinese athletes Kong Fanying, Ni Yueming race;China’s huang Yebo and Peng Junyue competed in the two-man bobsled team, the first time for Chinese athletes to appear in the Olympic bobsled competition.Quick response, timely update access to information sources around you | cailian News, CCTV news client editor | Luna review | Li Zhuang and Jiang Shuai