The Economist’s global headlines: Zhang Wenhong’s New Year’s Announcement of a $500m metaverse property breakthrough and the discovery of Omicron in 57 countries

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Zhang Wenhong micro blog posted a long article: the worst days to slowly past!On the evening of February 1, Zhang Wenhong, director of the department of infectious diseases at Huashan Hospital, said on his microblog: “The worst days are slowly over. China knows how to deal with the virus, but it will not be in such a hurry. If we want to get through the outbreak with a very low fatality rate, it may take a little longer.”Virtual real estate sales on the four major metacosmic platforms hit $501 million in 2021, according to MetaMetric Solutions, a metacosmic data and analytics firm, according to Finance Union on February 2.Sales topped $85m in January and MetaMetric expects metaverse property sales to double to about $1bn this year.The Novel Coronavirus variant of the Omicron subtype ba.2 has been detected in 57 countries and territories, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on 1 February.Limited data so far suggest that this subtype is slightly more infectious than the original omicron version, but no changes have been observed in the risk of severe illness.According to China Business News, the top 10 cities in terms of GDP in 2021 are:Shanghai (4,321.5 billion), Beijing (4,027 billion), Shenzhen (3,066.5 billion), Guangzhou (2,2823.2 billion), Chongqing (2,789.4 billion), Suzhou (2,271.8 billion), Chengdu (1,991.7 billion), Hangzhou (1,810.9 billion), Wuhan (1,771.7 billion), Nanjing (1,635.5 billion).The State Administration for Market Regulation issued 11 national standards for snow and ice sports on Feb 2, ahead of the opening of the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in Beijing.This batch of standards was put forward by the National Technical Committee of Standardization of Sport organized by the General Administration of Sport, and drafted jointly by Heilongjiang Provincial Bureau of Sport, Heilongjiang Snow and Ice Sports Vocational College and other units.It involves alpine skiing, speed skating, ice hockey, curling and other sports, and covers the organization of ice and snow sports events, venue operation and management, and public level evaluation of ice and snow sports, etc., which is of great significance to systematically standardize the development of ice and snow industry.Shijiazhuang Central Branch of the People’s Bank of China has set up a leading group and headquarters to organize and coordinate with relevant departments to promote the construction of payment service environment for the Winter Olympic Games.We will comprehensively advance the trial work of digital RMB in Zhangjiakou Olympic Games.The six participating banking institutions actively distributed various forms of digital RMB red envelopes and carried out digital RMB consumption reduction activities, which led to the continuous increase of consumption scenes in the pilot areas of the Winter Olympic Games.Big data:The Beijing Winter Olympics has become the most popular Winter Olympics in history, surpassing all summer Olympics since the 2008 Beijing Olympics, according to the “Baidu Hot Search · Beijing Winter Olympics Big data” released by Baidu on February 2, according to the “Science and Innovation Board Daily” quoted by Caiassociated Press.That’s 68 percent hotter than the Tokyo Games, which were postponed in 2021.Southerners pay more attention to the Winter Olympics than the north, and women pay more attention to the Winter Olympics than men.Curling has topped the list of hot events in contrast to skiing and skating.Gu Ailing ranked first among the top 10 Searched Chinese Winter Olympics players.The Winter Olympics in Beijing have inspired Chinese people’s enthusiasm for ice and snow sports.The box office hit 1.5 billion yuan on the first day of the Lunar New Year, ranking second in China’s single-day box office history.”Watergate Bridge of Chosin Lake” topped the list with a box office of 860 million yuan, “The Killer Is not Too Cool”, “Four Seas” and “Miracle · Stupid Children” ranked second, third and fourth respectively, also more than 250 million yuan in box office.Taking into account the reputation of the previous film and the advantage of the Spring Festival season, the box office estimates for watergate Bridge are between 5.6 billion yuan and 7 billion yuan.According to data from Maoyan professional, the 2022 box office (including pre-sales) topped 5 billion yuan at 13:42 PM on February 2, 2022.The top three in 2022 box office: Watergate Bridge of Chosin Lake with annual box office of 1.01 billion yuan, Hug You Through Winter with annual box office of 664 million yuan, Anti-corruption 5: Final Chapter with annual box office of 480 million yuan.”Watergate Bridge” has become the 93rd highest-grossing film in China’s film history, with its total box office exceeding 1 billion yuan on February 2 at 15:49:13, according to Cat’s Eye.Chinese actor Yi Yangqianxi became the first person born after 2000 to earn 10 billion yuan at the box office at midnight on Feb 2, 2022, according to maoyan.Mr Yu: continue to extend the holiday allowance for the staff on February 2 at noon, new Oriental founder Mr Yu in his personal WeChat public post “old shu gossip”, summarizes the years ago the last week of work, live about internal party building, agricultural products, etc., and require human resources continue to extend the holiday allowance for the staff, and arrange advance payment paid in January.The U.S. federal government’s debt has passed the $30 trillion mark.The US federal government’s debt has passed the $30 trillion mark, according to data released by the Us Treasury Department.In the context of high US inflation and the Federal Reserve preparing to start raising interest rates, the risk of unsustainable US government debt has increased.Portuguese Prime Minister Jose Eduardo Costa has tested positive for the Novel Coronavirus virus and does not have any symptoms, the prime Minister’s office said in a statement on Tuesday.Costa himself will be quarantined for seven days.Costa was found to be infected with the Novel Coronavirus virus following routine antiviral tests on the same day, and he has personally informed Portuguese President Felipe de Sousa of the situation, the statement said.India’s Ministry of Finance: soon will launch with digital currency block chain technology according to the interface news quoted on February 2, MarketWatch, India’s finance ministry announced Tuesday that the government will soon be with the country’s central bank introduced using block chain technology of digital rupees, this could give India’s progress in digital currency far ahead of other countries.Finance Minister NIRmala Sitharaman unveiled plans to launch the digital currency when he presented the 2022 federal budget in Parliament on Tuesday.She also announced that she would impose a 30 percent tax on income from the transfer of virtual assets.On Tuesday, Faraday Future announced that none of the other material allegations of inaccurate disclosures assessed by the special committee were supported by the evidence reviewed, according to Jiemian News.The special Committee did find certain inconsistencies in the statements made to investors and certain weaknesses in the company’s controls and culture, and recommended certain remedial actions, including a 25 percent reduction in the annual base salary of Fu Kang Bi, the company’s CEO, and Jia Yuting, the company’s founder and chief product officer.Thanks to the stay-at-home economy, TikTok’s highest-paid influencers earned a combined $55 million in 2021, double their 2020 earnings, with the top earning $17.5 million.They have even managed to transform their careers and open up other sources of income.Tesla would recall nearly 54000 vehicles in the United States, to disable the “slow” function according to the interface news, citing sources on February 2, the Wall Street journal, tesla would recall nearly 54000 vehicles in the United States, because its a fully automated driving software function may let the car drive slowly through the stop sign at the crossroads, rather than a full stop.To address the recall, Tesla will implement an in-flight software update that disables the “slow ride” feature, according to documents released Tuesday by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).A Chinese man convicted of defrauding Apple of $1 million has been sentenced to 26 months in a US prison and ordered to pay $987,000 in restitution and the same amount in fines.He returned fake iphones to Apple, claiming they were legitimate devices still under warranty, in exchange for new ones.According to MarketWatch on February 2, Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson said the company has taken two “pricing actions” in the past four months and expects more this year.Wage increases and other cost increases for retail staff will hit bottom line.Ford Motor Co plans to invest up to $20 billion more in electric vehicles, Bloomberg reported, citing Reuters on Feb. 1.People familiar with the plan said the $10bn – $20bn investment would be completed over the next five to 10 years, including the conversion of Ford’s existing plants around the world to electric vehicle production.Global semiconductor sales revenue rose more than 25 percent in 2021 to hit a new record above $500 billion for the first time, according to market research firm Gartner.Soared 31%!Samsung Electronics’ memory chip revenue reached $60.37 billion (383.99 billion yuan) in 2021, up 31 percent year on year, according to the company’s earnings report.Notably, Samsung electronics’ semiconductor business, where memory chips are located, accounts for most of its profits.The semiconductor business accounted for more than half of Samsung’s operating profit of 51.63 trillion won in 2021.Apple remains the leader in semiconductor spending in 2021, accounting for nearly 12% of the market and spending an estimated $68.269 billion on semiconductors, according to a survey released by Gartner.Samsung came in second with $45.775 billion, but its spending grew by a larger percentage than Apple, up 28.5 percent from 2020.1. Zhongji Wisdom Pharmaceutical completed A round of financing of RMB 110 million.2. Neighbor Healthcare completed pre-B round financing of nearly RMB 100 million.3. Youzhi Chuangxin completed tens of millions of RMB angel round financing.4. Qianglian Smart Innovation completed hundreds of millions of RMB C+ round financing.5. Bribenchmark completed B+ round financing of tens of millions of yuan.1. China International Capital Corporation and Citigroup are the co-sponsors of The Main board of The Hong Kong Stock Exchange of China United Shipping.2. Hero Sports VSPN, a well-known e-sports operator, has submitted its A1 form in Hong Kong and officially launched its IPO.3, Apple supplier Bourne Optics again submitted to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, the main board of Hong Kong listing.SPAC, co-founded by Li Ning, applied to be listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.5. Shanghai Shangmei Cosmetics Co., Ltd. submits its prospectus to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.1, The Dow Closed up 0.77% at 35403.86 points on Feb. 1;The S&P 500 closed up 0.60% at 4542.67;The Nasdaq composite index closed up 0.75 percent at 14,346.0.2. Among the hot Chinese stocks, Jingrui Education closed up more than 14.7%, IQiyi up more than 11.0%, Qutoutiao up about 10.4%, Fluent said up about 5.8%, Douyu up more than 5.2%, Ideal Automobile up about 4.6%, Tencent Music up more than 4.2%, Dada Group and Xiaopeng Automobile up more than 3.7%.3, February 2, the US stock technology stocks rose before the market, Google A rose by more than 10%, Google Q4 results exceeded expectations, new high net profit, announced A 20 to 1 stock split;AMD rose more than 11% after the company beat estimates on earnings per share and revenue in the fourth quarter.Nvidia was up more than 5%, Amazon was up nearly 3%, Twitter was up 1.6% and Tesla was up more than 1%.4. The Nikkei 225 index closed Up 1.77% at 27558.50 on Feb 2.A shares and Hong Kong shares will be closed for the Spring Festival, and Hong Kong shares will open on February 4.Russian chemist Mendeleev died on February 2, 1907, Russian chemist Mendeleev died.Mendeleev wrote the Principles of Chemistry between 1869 and 1871.At the same time, the relationship between the properties of elements is explored, and all known elements are listed in order of increasing atomic weight.The periodic table became the backbone of most chemical theory.