Stupid head to buy “ungrowing hair agent”, did not see the instruction manual, ungrowing hair agent drink into the stomach?

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Dull head went to the hair salon and bought a bottle of hair tonic. He brought it home without reading the instructions.I drank the water of hair tonic into my stomach.I looked in the mirror and saw no hair on my head.But his mouth was full of hair.So hair tonic isn’t for drinking?When I buy something I need to eat.Be sure to read the instructions.The leader didn’t read the instructions that day.He bought a bottle of hair tonic.Straight into my stomach.And then the mouth is full of hair.It turned out that the hair tonic was not drink.That’s the end of this issue.A fool is a gift to his goddess.Prosperous wealth reminds him to say girl love, girl love beautiful, hope youth helps.Ask him to give you something to look forward to.Idiot sends the goddess a bottle of antiseptic.Foolish head help prosperous wealth pour water, the result prosperous wealth how can not find, where is the water!Foolish head this day ridicule a son, always do not take into account other people’s feelings, let the people around feel headache!