Old Du three times to the Xu family of goodwill, failed to achieve the goal of reconciliation, Sister Xu said the reason

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The search for the truth of the case has entered a special stage. The good news comes from the Internet. As people who eat melons, it is ok to steal joy for the good news that has not been confirmed.From the actual situation on both sides of Xu Min and Lao Du, the situation had undergone a fundamental reversal.Xu Min here to find the truth is overwhelming, Lao Du there inadvertently, began to concentrate on integrating family assets, cultivate the next generation, for the future layout.Matter already so far, guo jia and Yao jia lost the opportunity of conciliation completely, pass the wish that becomes a is disappointed.There are signs that Lao Du is resistant to and afraid of finding the truth, in five ways.One is worried about the house being seized, the other is the public side of the wrong change responsible party pharmacy, three is an extra incident, by finding Xu Min’s fault distract their attention to find the truth, four is alleged xu Min is more suspected of stealing children, five is to slander Xu Min did not find the truth, and in the ceng flow to earn meters.As for Du, she hopes the two families can accept the conclusion of the exchange mistake, settle down and keep close contact in the future.It was a very good wish, but she did the opposite.Lawyer Li Sheng put forward such suggestions for a female driver who hit and killed people in the live broadcast. Before the accident is confirmed, it is best to take the initiative to contact each other’s family members, assume the responsibility of compensation, and strive to reach each other’s understanding to avoid criminal responsibility.If Lao Du thinks she is at fault in case 28, li Sheng’s advice is also valid for her.As a matter of fact, Lao Du knows very well that confrontation is no good and reconciliation is the best way out.For this reason, she once three times to the Xu family.The first time was after the two parties’ lawsuit against Huaihe Hospital collapsed. Lao Du called Xu Min and offered to pay part of the cost of Yao Ce’s treatment to express his gratitude to Xu’s family.From the analysis of the recording, the two people’s chat is still harmonious, Xu Min is still giving advice to Lao Du, to help her maximize the interests of the lawsuit.Unfortunately, this benign communication has not been maintained.The second time was before the trial on September 18. After failing to report Xu Min to Jiujiang, Lao Du posted a message on the Internet hoping for reconciliation.She said that she was at a low point in her life and hoped that the other side could extend a warm hand to help her, which was more positive energy than the confrontation in court. She thought that the wrong exchange happened in the hospital and there was no conflict between the two families.Unexpectedly, Du released a video shortly after the audio recording, saying that he would not settle the case and that his only wish was for the case to be heard in public.The third time was when Xu Min went to zhumadian Health Commission for investigation and evidence collection, an intermediary came out to talk peace, to test the possibility of reconciliation.Xun Yang Yunhao on behalf of xu family voice: early to know today, why the original.Through this process, it can be seen that Lao Du’s attitude is quite contradictory, one moment want to attack, the next moment want to retreat.The net friend thinks, retreat and sum is her original intention, attack is bewitched by the big pharmacy behind.In conclusion, Lao Du’s wish for peace failed again and again. Xu’s elder sister explained the specific reason. If they had been able to treat Her at ease, it had happened more than 20 years ago, we could forgive her.Netizens believe that There are several reasons why Lao Du missed the chance of reconciliation: first, he did not actively treat Ce and did not organize relatives to donate liver; second, he attacked the Xu family and aroused the blood of the Xu family; third, the Luoyang case deepened the hatred between the two families.As the saying goes, a prodigal son can never be replaced if he turns his head. Now that the matter has come to this, Lao Du has no chance to turn his head. What awaits her is official recognition.28 years of life