After the holiday to love the car to a big cleaning zhengzhou car wash price restored to 25 yuan/car

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Car washing around the Spring Festival has become one of the must-do lists of car owners.Even on New Year’s Eve, the average price of a number of car washing shops in Zhengzhou “took off” to 100 yuan per car, there are still many car owners queuing at the scene.February 10, is also the tenth day of the Chinese New Year, Dahe Daily yu video reporters visited a number of car washing shops found that the current price has been restored to the normal level, and group purchase, membership card can be used normally.”Now it is restored to 68 yuan per car, including exterior and interior cleaning, membership card can also be used normally, if you need services such as manual cleaning of heavy shampoo and surface coating, the group purchase price is 298 yuan per car, has always been the same price.”When the reporter visited the car maintenance center near the second intersection of Agricultural Road on New Year’s Eve, the car wash price was 100 yuan per car, and there were many cars in line.And before the Spring Festival, the price also rose to 100 yuan/car in a chain car service center Zhongzhou Avenue store, the current group purchase price has been restored to 29 yuan/car, only one car on site.”There were a lot of people yesterday. We didn’t count how many cars we washed, but from 8am to 9pm, the three car washes in the car were always busy.”A staff member told reporters, 10 days passenger flow significantly decreased, almost no need to queue.Subsequently, the reporter went to the open area toward phoenix Road a car wash found that the store price has been reduced to 35 yuan/car, including interior cleaning, according to the person in charge of the store, if it is a large SUV like the Land patrol, the price is 40 yuan/car.”I drove here yesterday, but there were three cars waiting in line in front of me.Come here at 1pm today and wash it straight away.”A customer said he felt the number of people washing cars decreased significantly on Sunday.In guan Cheng district, near the navigation road, the reporter found that many car washing shops do not need to queue, car washing price 38 yuan ~48 yuan, if you do membership card can also be preferential to 25 yuan ~28 yuan.On the whole, the market prices have returned to normal levels, and people in need can now rest assured to wash their cars.In view of the phenomenon of high and low car wash prices in the market, the reporter then called the Development and reform Commission of Zhengzhou to consult that this is a normal situation.”The price of car washing is generally the normal market adjustment price, as long as the business is clearly marked, consumers can also know in advance.”The NDRC staff explained that consumers can file a complaint to 12315 if they find the price is significantly higher than the market price when they check out if the price is not clearly marked or informed in advance.Source: Dahe Daily